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Protecting works of literature, science and art, as well as software

Photos, films, texts, music and also software are protected by the copyright against unauthorized use. The copyright on these works is already created when the work is created. The creator establishes these rights to protection and he neither has to register (as normally the case for trademarks) nor make them publicly known. The creator holds the sole rights of exploitation on his works and can dispose of these rights without limitations. Thus, he can transfer the rights to third parties by granting use rights and thereby exploit the rights for an economic profit.


For this purpose, we draft software contracts and other license agreements that define the use of copyrighted works in a target-oriented and legally compliant way. Our work in this field is based on many years of experience of which we have already made use many times for successful businesses. This is how we have a large selection of contracts available, which have already proven to be legally compliant in and out of court.

Our reliable contract foundations and long expertise in the field of copyright law are also used in contract negotiations in which our clients are represented in an equally dedicated as legally compliant manner.

Copyright infringements

Our clients frequently have to discover that third parties are making unauthorized use of their protected works. It is likewise discovered that works of our clients, which they have purchased themselves, are published commercially or used otherwise for business purposes. We will then review if copyright infringements apply because our clients are the sole creators or holders of exclusive rights to use the work in question. If the rights infringement must be confirmed, we will become active immediately out of court and, if necessary, in court.

Our expertise

With our many years of experience and comprehensive competence, we are at your side, in particular in the following areas:

  • We draft and review contracts relating to copyrights, such as license, software, picture license and artist agreements.
  • We litigate copyright infringements of any kind and assert demands for injunctive relief, rights to information and damage compensation claims. Starting with out-of-court written warning and leading up to the claim in court by way of a preliminary injunction and/or lawsuit.
  • We support and advise our clients already before their works are created. In this respect, we review the requirements to be fulfilled for a personal intellectual creation and the existence of opposing rights of third parties (co-creators, etc.)
  • We protect our clients from unjustified claims for the allegation of copyright infringements. We review any cease and desist declarations to be provided, any limitation periods and we minimize the existing cost risks.

We represent our clients nationwide and can look back on scores of successfully completed proceedings at the national level.

We will also be happy to be available to you as a partner in all matters of copyright law. If you are facing such or similar questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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