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Cosmetics Law

An eye on the legal framework conditions, your success in view

Sales of cosmetics products are rising continuously each year across all products. Furthermore, the share of cosmetics in online commerce is growing along with this uninterrupted popularity. Innovative products that are becoming increasingly sustainable (foremost natural cosmetics) can be presented particularly well here.

We advise our clients, which include medium-sized businesses as well as start-ups, in all matters of cosmetics law.

Cosmetics law is decisively determined by the EU Cosmetics Regulation No. 1223/2009, which applies directly in all Member States of the European Union, thus also in Germany. For the review of advertising claims, initially the so-called Claims Regulation (EU) No 655/2013 is relevant for defining common criteria as grounds for advertising claims.

The specialized team of lawyers of the law firm SBS Legal will be at your side throughout the process, from the market analysis to products development and the marketing of your product.

We support you for the choice of raw materials, clarify responsibilities with your distribution partners and consult you on strategically beneficial distribution concepts and market positioning.

We protect and defend your products against complaints from third parties, in and out of court, and we enforce your right of fair competition with the help of the courts if need be. We represent you against supervisory authorities and public prosecutors in penalty and administrative fine proceedings.

Our expertise:

  • Strategic market analysis
  • Consulting on product development
  • Check of raw materials, expert reports on marketability
  • Delineation from other categories, in particular pharmaceuticals
  • Identification of the mandatory labelling (labels)
  • Development of distribution concepts
  • Consulting on advertising, competition, and distribution
  • Help with the CPNP notification and preparation of the product information file
  • Defense against warnings and complaints from authorities
  • Support in crises with PR measures and expedient correspondence with authorities and retail

How can we support you and your products? We are looking forward to you contacting us regarding any and all questions of cosmetics law

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