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The specialized attorneys of our law firm have been representing successful companies and private individuals in Internet law matters for years.

The specialist attorneys and experts of our law firm have represented successful companies and private persons for many years in matters of internet law. As the name suggests, this legal material concerns legal questions and problems that go hand-in-hand with the use of the internet.

Domain law, e-commerce, telemedia and further areas are subjects of the law governing the internet.

Based on the triumph of the internet in all industries and areas of life, and increasing digitalization, internet law is gaining ever more importance in all of these areas. This entails a steadily rising need for legal regulations and it, in turn, entails new legal challenges. We readily meet these challenges each day for our clients.

Internet law? What is it about?

Internet law is not like one of the established fields of law, a so-called homogenous legal field, but it comprises many different legal fields.

The legal fields covered by internet law are, in particular

  • General and special civil law for contracts concluded online, e-commerce and related questions of liability, warranty, rights of revocation
  • Copyright to protect creators and their works disseminated online
  • Competition law, in particular for warnings under competition law and advertising
  • Criminal law for the prosecution of computer fraud, data manipulation, data espionage, computer sabotage and the dissemination of illegal online contents
  • Rights to use a name and trademark law for the handling of domains, such as domain registration, domain use, domain trading and domain grabbing
  • Data protection law for duties to provide information and give instructions, data preservation, e-commerce and the appointment of data protection officers
  • International private law (IPR) for cross-border contracts or rights infringements
  • International civil procedural law on the determination of the international jurisdiction of courts
  • Media law for the regulation of telemedia with journalistic editorial contents and for the protection of children and youths (Jugendmedienschutzgesetz [Law on the Protection of Youths in the Media]).
  • Telecommunications law on the regulation of telecommunications services


Our law firm’s expertise is based on the many years of experience of our specialist attorneys and experts in all of the above-mentioned areas. If you, too, have questions relating to internet law, you are welcome to  contact us   at any time.

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