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Labor Law

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One core area of the law firm SBS Legal is the legal field of labor law. Our specialist attorneys provide expert and competent advice based on many years of experience, and they enforce the clients’ interests in and out of court.

Labor law relates to sole proprietors, small and medium-sized companies as well as corporate groups. Moreover, nearly everyone has come into contact with this legal field in the course of their professional career. Besides the legal requirements, the lawyers of SBS Legal also consider the clients’ emotions, which can play a decisive role especially in labor law. Not rarely is a livelihood at stake, for example, in the case of a termination, which can lead to proceedings for protection against unfair dismissal.

The underlying thought of labor law is creating social justice with working conditions structured so that liberties are protected. It is the purpose of the legal system to establish the concept of freedom and equality in the rule of law. Nonetheless, different conflicts can arise at all levels in labor law.

Labor law is a vast legal field. The drafting of an employment contract alone requires a lawyer who is specialized in labor law, as the requirements and circumstances of the various employment relationships are far-reaching and because without professional advice, errors can hardly be avoided. This covers the following employment contracts, for example:

  • Managing director contract
  • Work contract for self-employed suppliers
  • Employee invention agreement (Employee Invention Act, “ArbnErfG”)
  • Employment contract

For labor law disputes, also commercial mediation as an out-of-court conflict resolution procedure can be an alternative to court proceedings promising success. Of all labor law disputes, 80 percent end up with a settlement. This does not have to be this way. Mediation, compared to court proceedings, can be the more cost and time-efficient alternative and at the same time render more lasting results.

Our expertise

In particular, the following topics are covered by our competent and professional legal advice:

  • Consulting and support throughout the entire termination process and the proceedings for protection against unfair dismissal.
  • Severance.
  • Warning.
  • Dissolution agreement.
  • Termination agreement.
  • Protection against unfair dismissal.
  • Reasons for dismissal.
  • Right to information.
  • Job reference.
  • Ordinary termination and extraordinary termination.
  • Reasons for dismissal in termination are constituted in the person or conduct and for operative reasons.
  • Dismissal on grounds of suspicion.
  • Mass layoff.
  • Drafting and review of the employment contract.
  • Employment contract for a fixed term, complaint against limitation to a fixed term (action to review fixed-term contracts, action for conversion to permanent employment).
  • Transfer of business.
  • Vacation leave, leave entitlement.
  • Discrimination and prohibition of discrimination.
  • Parental leave, parental allowance and maternity leave.
  • Liability of the employer and liability of the employee.
  • Data protection at the company.
  • Social media & labor law.
  • General Equal Treatment Act.
  • Consulting on commercial mediation and its implementation.

If you have any questions relating to labor law, you are welcome to contact us. We offer initial contact free of charge. In the process, we will first note the facts, carry out a cost/benefits analysis and determine the further course of action before accepting the engagement.

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