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Reputation Law

Protecting and preserving reputation.

Reputation has central economic and social importance for private persons and businesses. This reputation comprises in particular experiences gained in the past and future expectations of its interest and target groups.

The internet plays a decisive role in this regard. This is because the internet has led to massive changes in both the use of media as well as the procurement of information (search engines like Google). The new media not only have largely replaced the traditional print media but also offer a platform for everyone by now to express their opinions. This makes our clients transparent but also vulnerable to attacks. For example, it takes just a few minutes and only a few words to defame the reputation of a business for good.

Review platforms and services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar allow sharing evaluations of service and work performances in the simplest way and manner with the public. The reputation of an enterprise or entrepreneur is decided to significant extent not only based on the press but also based on the activities of internet users.

Reputational damage from online reviews consequently results not only from being able to publish the reviews of just about anyone, but also from the reviews being actually noticed by the public. Reviews can become a chain reaction this way. This is because the reviews are presented both at the place of publication itself as well as in search results.

Our expertise

If reporting or offline and online reviews are negative because untrue facts are claimed or it is reported unobjectively or inappropriately, there is an acute need for action. Contacting the reviewer or review platforms is urgently warranted in this case so as to delete the illegal contents immediately and thereby limit the damage.

Actions for preliminary injunction or lawsuits are the next steps to end the reputational damage.

We act vigorously to prevent such rights violations and the related sales losses.

In doing so, we enforce our clients’ demands for injunctive relief, counter description, disclaimer, compensation for pain and suffering and damages out of court and, if need be, by filing lawsuit or promptly obtaining a preliminary injunction.

Our work covers in particular:

  • Removal of contents in social media such as Facebook, gutefrage, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, online forums and blogs.
  • Removal of search results on Google ("Right to be forgotten”), Bing or Yahoo
  • Removal of reviews/evaluations on portals such as Google, Jameda, Amazon and Yelp
  • Protection against and prosecution of infringements on personal rights.

In addition, we offer overall strategic consulting, which not only considers the legal aspects but also detects and controls any reputational risks early on.

We will also be happy to be at your side as a partner in all matters of reputation law. If you are facing related legal questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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