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Verkehrsverbot von CBD-Kosmetik: Der Verordnungs-Dschungel


Das Verwaltungsgericht (VG) Schleswig hatte über ein behördlich angeordnetes Verkehrsverbot von CBD-haltiger Kosmetik zu entscheiden und hielt das Verbot für rechtmäßig.

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Wann darf ein Unternehmen mit „langjähriger Tradition“ werben?


Bei Werbung mit Tradition ist die wirtschaftliche Kontinuität wichtig. Der Wechsel von Firmenname oder Gesellschaftsform ist gemäß Wettbewerbsrecht nicht irreführend.

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Trademark Law

Securing assets

Depending on the popularity and strength of the trademark, brands can constitute an exceptional asset and secure important competitive advantages for companies. In case of infringements on trademark right or in case of missing protection under trademarks, in contrast, substantial losses are threatened.

The SBS team is specialized in securing and establishing intellectual property. Together with you, we develop brand strategies and support you purposefully in protecting your rights. For the purpose of creating a protected legal position in trademark law, one of our focus points in particular is consulting and support

  • in the lead-up to the trademark registration,
  • in the process of the trademark registration,
  • in the trademark monitoring and brand management, and
  • in the litigation of trademark infringements and defense against asserted claims of trademark law.

Trademark law facilitates a so-called right of exclusivity for the owner of a brand. Trademark rights can exist at the national, European and international level. When registering the trademark already, it is therefore important for the trademark owner to determine the territorial scope of effect. Following to the registration of the trademark, the trademark owner can use his brand at liberty for the goods and services previously defined. If there is a risk of mistaking the brand, the trademark owner can prohibit unauthorized third parties from using similar or identical marks for identical or similar goods/services.

Our expertise:

Our services in the field of trademark law include in particular the following topics:

  • Application and registration of national and international trademarks.
  • Monitoring and management of national and international trademarks.
  • Filing of demands for injunctive relief, information and/or damage compensation claims for trademark infringements.
  • Enforcement of or defense against warnings under trademark law.
  • Representation in proceedings of trademark law.
  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements.
  • Support in transactions such as assignments of trademarks and particular rights of use.

We will also be happy to be at your side as a partner in all matters of trademark law. If you are facing related legal questions, you are welcome to contact us.

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